I always go out on Christmas Eve, looking and hoping for people who also come visit home for these intimate days. Friends and strangers who are making their marks in the world, so that you don’t meet them on a visit to your parents house in June.

It’s difficult to stay in touch with everyone and it’s even harder to get to see each other often enough. But it’s these people that you carry within you, that make you feel warm about Solothurn or Biel or Berne and that you think about on rainy days.

This show tries to draw some of mine together, in a group exhibition that is based on the idea or notion of the crib. A term which originates in the shelter where Virgin Mary gave birth to baby Jesus but here also covers all the other places we call home, Heimat, the comfy coach, Netflix, our families, partners and their friends.

It’s an eclectic mix of work and I’m really looking forward to presenting this in a place so close to home, and to sharing some advent love with you guys.

Yves Scherer